Brescia University Title IX Team

Brescia University Title IX Coordinator

Brescia University’s mission embodies commitment to promote and protect the personal dignity and well-being of every member of the Brescia community. Sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct are antithetical to the commitment. Moreover, they constitute unlawful sex discrimination and are an affront to justice. All forms of sexual misconduct are prohibited by Brescia University.

Brescia’s Title IX Coordinator monitors and oversees the university’s compliance with Title IX and the prevention of sex harassment and discrimination, including the coordination of education and training activities and the response to Title IX complaints.  Students, faculty, administrators, staff, or others who participate in Brescia’s education programs and activities with questions, concerns, or complaints about sex discrimination, sex harassment or sexual misconduct are encouraged to contact the Title IX Coordinator:

Rev. Larry Hostetter
Brescia University President
[email protected]
Bartholomy-Taylor Hall 161


Dr. Lori Etheridge
Vice President of Student Affairs/Dean of Student/Title IX Deputy Coordinator
[email protected]
Moore Center 213


Chris Houk
Vice President for Enrollment Management and Executive Director of BUonline
[email protected]
Moore Center 103


Dr. Amanda Morris
Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean
[email protected] 
Bartholomy-Taylor Hall 130


Melissa Scuderi
Director of Residence Life
[email protected]  
Moore Center 211


Brescia University has also classified all employees as Mandated Reporters of any knowledge they have that a member of the community is experiencing harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation.